je ne sais quoi

5th of July firework display. South Carolina was incredibly EPIC. I also missed this opportunity to capture this. Which is crazy in heigh sight 

Good Kisser Trilogy shot and produced myself, starring Diamond Dance Dope. This also premiered her new logo which I created. :)

Post photo shoot , 5 minute sketches.. 

new email, no spaces. for a limited time. thank you for your patients. 

Anonymous said: How much do you chrlarge for video work

emails are the best form of communication for quotes, fyi.

It’s been a while since we’ve done our magical collaborations where ultimately anything is possible and our imaginations seem to run wild. at 12 we’re premiering a new 3 part series good kisser. 

The Sneaker Bar Presents, Pain, Desire & Strength. A three part photography series starring the beautifully talented Zohra Abbassy. The first chapter of the series is “Pain,” please view our interpretation of the subject.

These moments were captured by Antonio Knoxx, Richmond, Virginia.

*Chapter One, “Pain,” features Gabrielle 

Over the years juxtaposed in a dark corner of my grandfathers room lies— vintage vinyl disc w/ a season of dust particles marinated by time. Waiting for the next generation or anybody willing to hear those funky stories told so many years ago. I promised my grandfather that I would relinquish any free time that I had to sit down and basically listen. I wanted to keep my word. When I initially called and stated that I was on the way, you could hear the pure elation of excitement echoing through the receiver. As if he was astonished. He sent me back through time via time machine as he showed me hidden jewels and took me down a brief music history of forgotten storytellers of his time. Some of those records were timeless classics and many originals you wouldn’t be able to find today even on the Internet. Song durations that lasted twenty minutes or more. He allowed me to capture some of these nostalgics moments as I bring them to you. I was thoroughly impressed that I’ve considered to buy my own record player and borrow some of the records to listen at my on leisure. Long story short, I’ll be back. To sit and listen to history.